DNA size selection

Many applications - including Massive Parallel Sequencing - can only handle DNA fragments up to a specific size. On the other hand, too small fragments can interfere with the outcome (quality) of the experiment. Proper DNA size selection methods, like the following 2 techniques, can be applied to your samples :

Magnetic beads (eg. AMPure XP)

Main applications

  • Purification of DNA samples

  • Size selection of DNA samples

Size selection range

  • The size selection range is 150-800 bp

  • Batch variation in size selection is observed

Minimum size distribution

Not possible to perform a very tight size selection


  • High throughput : selection can be performed in a 96 well plate format

  • Time needed to perform a dual size selection ranges between 30 minutes and 90 minutes

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Sage Science Pippin Prep

  • Size selection of DNA fragments

  • This instrument can be used for miRNA selection for miRNA profiling experiments

Dependent on the cartridge used, the following size selection ranges are available :

  • 90-250 bp

  • 50-600 bp

  • 100-600 bp

  • 250-1500 bp

  • 2-8 kb

With the Pippin prep instrument, a very tight size selection is possible :

  • For all assays except the 2-8kb assay, an 8% size distribution is possible

  • For the 2-8kb assay, a 30% size distirbution can be obtained

  • Low througput : only 5 samples can be size selected simultaneously

  • Size selection (per 5 samples) can take 28-140 min

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