BRIGHTcore is embedded within the Centre for Medical Genetics at UZ Brussel, a laboratory that is fully accredited according to ISO15189 since 2013 (first accreditation in 2011).

ISO certification of the platform was a key objective, since both research as diagnostic partners require qualitative and traceable results. This objective was met by having 3 NGS related tests accredited within 1 year upon the start of the platform.

These tests are :

  • BRCA testing

    • Contact : Prof. Dr. Sara Seneca and Dr. Alexander Gheldof

    • Logistics : laboratory guide

  • NIPT (Non-Invasive Prenatal Testing)

    • Contact : Dr. Sonia Van Dooren and Dr. Ann Van Den Bogaert

    • Logistics : laboratory guide

  • Exome Sequencing for Brugada Syndrome and LQT


Our laboratories comply with the most strict regulations and were designed to minimize the risk on sample contamination :

  • Seperated activities (DNA/RNA extraction, pre amplification lab, post amplification lab, cell culture lab,...)

  • Air locks at the entrance of every molecular lab

  • UV sterilization facilities