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Mar 27, 2019

NGS roadshow - Takara

Join us for a tour of our most recent NGS technologies and see how they can unlock new horizons for your research.
In this seminar, we will discuss how transcriptomics, genomics and epigenomics are shaping our understanding of cellular complexity and heterogeneity. Technical advents in single-cell sequencing and new sensitive approaches for sequencing of clinical samples now enable you to gain more insight from your precious samples, to contribute to a better understanding of disease mechanisms, and develop more effective methods for diagnosis and treatment.

Date : Tuesday 04/06/2019

Time : 10h00 - 11h30

Location : Radiology meeting room (UZ Brussel - route 865)

Mar 27, 2019

IDT rhAmpSeq presentation @ VUB/UZ Brussel

IDT recently developed a novel amplicon sequencing technology, called the rhAmpSeq™ system, which leverages a proprietary rhPCR chemistry (also known as rhAmp™ PCR). Using a unique, two-enzyme system and specially designed, blocked primers, the rhAmpSeq system enables high levels of multiplexing of targeted assays in a single-tube, while significantly reducing the risk of primer-dimer formation and non-specific amplification events, which are both common problems with other amplicon-based sequencing methods. The result is an easy-to-use, elegant NGS library preparation solution with a low number of components and straightforward workflow steps to prepare DNA for sequencing on Illumina platforms.

Date : Thursday 28/03/2019

Time : 15h30 - 14h30

Location : Room B017 (VUB : main entrance VUB campus Jette)


Nov 15, 2018

NanoString Platform presentation @ VUB/UZ Brussel

The NanoString SPRINT platform is available @ Brussels Health Campus for all your research needs. The device has been purchased by the LMCT (Prof. Kris Thielemans) and is installed at BRIGHTcore.

During this session all current platform functionalities will be highlighted

Date : Tuesday 4/12/2018

Time : 11h - 12h20

Location : Radiology Meeting room UZ Brussel (route 865)


Feb 27, 2018

4 PhD positions available (at VUB/UZB)

There are 4 challenging PhD positions available at the VUB/UZB! We are looking for:

Dec 31, 2017

Best wishes for 2018!

Oct 09, 2017

Brussels PND-PGD conference 2017

When: Friday 24 November 2017

Where: BOZAR, Brussels

Warning: registrations are closed!

Jul 31, 2017

NGS 2017 Benelux

An annual genomics event that takes place in Brussels. The meeting consists of a Clincal NGS data analysis workshop (14 November) and a conference (15-16 November).


When: Tuesday November 14 - Thursday November 16

Where: Campus Erasme, Route de Lennik 808, 1070 Bruxelles

  • Workshop: Room B1.004

  • Conference: Musée de la Médecine

Jun 14, 2017

Release of new sample submission form

BRIGHTcore has changed its procedure for sample submission.

Jun 27, 2016

NGS 2016 Benelux

An annual genomics event that takes place in Brussels & results from a collaboration between Biotexcel, Genome Diagnostics Nijmegen and BRIGHTcore. The meeting consists of a Bioinformatics Workshop (14-15 November 2016) and a conference (16-17 November 2016).


When: Monday November 14 till Thursday November 17, 2016

Where: Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Laarbeeklaan 103, 1090 Brussel

  • Bioinformatics workshop : Faculty meeting room

  • Conference : Auditorium Brouwer

Jun 15, 2016

PacBio Sequel platform seminar


Session hosted by Christoph König (Senior Field Application Specialist, PacBio)

  • Principles of SMRT® Sequencing and its advantages

  • Case studies and benefits of SMRT® Sequencing

Q&A session

When: Thursday June 23, 2016, 14h00-16h00

Where: Auditorium Kiekens (Route 1001), UZ Brussel, Laarbeeklaan 101, 1090 Brussel

Registration deadline : Wednesday June 22 2016 (late evening)

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