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BELAC 141-MED accredited according

to quality norm ISO 15189:2012

Brussel Sprouts


BRIGHTcore was conceived as an interuniversity platform, servicing both ULB and VUB universities, including their respective university hospitals, Hôpital Erasme & Hôpital Huderf and UZ Brussel. In this platform, heavy – expensive – genomics equipment is centralized and IT infrastructure is made available to perform primary analysis of large genomic datasets.

Currently, the platform hosts Next Generation Sequencing (Illumina NovaSeq/MiSeq and Nanopore GridION), Microarray (Illumina iScan, Affymetrix GeneScan) and Digital counting (Nanostring nCounter MAX) equipment, including all accessory devices to perform high-throughput/output genetic assays. If needed, bioinformatics support and IT tools can be tailored to ones need.

BRIGHTcore aims to deliver qualitative support (BELAC accredited according to ISO 15189:2012) and assists research groups in starting up relevant experiments. Additionally, we may be consulted in eventual grant applications.

Sprout to be Brussels Transparent.png

About our logo

BRIGHTcore currently has 2 logos : (1) the original, graphical logo and (2) a logo derived from the logo of the Brussels University Alliance (BUA) emphasizing the close collaboration between the ULB and VUB.

BUA color.png

The Brussels Interuniversity Alliance (BUA) logo

BRIGHTcore BUA color.png

BRIGHTcore logo, derived from the BUA logo

The graphical BRIGHTcore logo

The graphical BRIGHTcore logo naturally originated from the platform name BRIGHTcore (BRussels Interuniversity Genomics High Throughput core). As the brightest body in our solar system, the sun was a clear cut choice in conceptualizing the logo. The (circular) DNA double stranded helix - as primary carrier of all genetic/genomic information - reflects the sun, while the sun rays  consist of "pentagonal" shapes representing the small ring (petite ceinture) enclosing the historic city centre of Brussels. As a matter of fact, the small ring is situated on the former city walls of Brussels. The geographically correct inclination of the pentagon is shown in the dot on the "i" in BRIGHT.

Less obvious however, are the concentric circles created by both the circular DNA as the pentagons. These concentric circles are an artist representation of Brussels' most iconic building: the Atomium.

Historic city centre of Brussels
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