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The NanoString nCounter technology allows for a streamlined workflow with minimal hands-on time (ca. 10 minutes for mainstream analyses) to quantify biomolecules absolutely (either DNA, RNA or proteins). Up to 800 targets can be assessed per assay (per biological sample), with a sensitivity of 1,5-2 fold change.

The instrument can analyze up to 12 samples per run, with a run taking approximately 6h. The most time consuming step is an overnight hybridization.

A multitude of out-of-the box assays are available, however, custom assays can be designed by your needs.

The following tool allows you to find the best existing panel for your needs : Panel Pro.

Alternatively, you might want to create your own content : Custom solutions.

The video below outlines the technology.


The NanoString nCounter currently has very little use. This as the assay cost (raw cost of consumables) is quite steep.

If you like to set up an experiment, please contact us & we'll help you to get started or to find a cheaper alternative.

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